MIDA Civil Engineering is ‘Open for Business’

MIDA Civil Engineering was proud to open its doors for business on 3rd August 2020. MIDA is a new Civil Engineering company wholly focused on delivering quality Civil Engineering solutions, safely and on-time. MIDA Civil Engineering will operate within a 50-mile radius of its new Head Office at Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedfordshire. The areas covered include but are not limited to North London, Herts, Beds and Bucks, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire. The owners, Michael Clorley and Danny Murphy possess a wealth of experience and an impressive record of delivering quality results.


The company’s vision is supported by its founding values;

Civil Engineering Expertise

Through a wealth of experience, we offer expertise in both the residential and commercial sector.

Health and Safety Culture

In a high-risk industry, Health and Safety will always be our number one priority for our staff, clients and the communities we work in. 

Client Collaborations

Strong client relationships are the foundation of our business. We are invested in creating mutually beneficial partnerships that ensure success in every project.  

Development of Our People

We believe this is the backbone of our success. MIDA is wholly committed to the development of our people through the provision of education, training and opportunities.

Pride in Our Work

MIDA Civil Engineering is a proud business that thrives on quality and attention to detail. We want the best for our people and our clients. 

A Greener Future

We are fully committed to our responsibility to drive sustainable business practices throughout the communities we work.  


These founding values provide the basis for all that we do at MIDA Civil Engineering. We look forward to welcoming new clients and working collaboratively to provide quality results. 

Michael and Danny


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